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  • Deploying a SSL Protected Containerized App: Part 2

    Checklist Let’s quickly do a checklist of what we have so far SSH Accessible Virtual Machine (Running Centos 7.4) Ports 22, 443, 80 are open on the virtual machine Domain pointed at the public IP of the Virtual machine If… Read More ›

  • Deploying a SSL Protected Containerized App: Part 1

    Motivation One of the greatest motivations for me is seeing the current open-source projects. It is amazing to be apart of a community that truly transcends race, age, gender, education that culminates in the development of society changing technologies, it… Read More ›


    Hook-line and sinker… Now that I have your attention, let’s have a rational conversation about buying cryptocurrencies. Quick test to see whether this article will be a waste of your time. Do you understand the relationship between time and risk?… Read More ›

  • N-tier Identity Provider – Why?

    Cheat Sheet (For the university kids) Distributed Architecture is the “bees knees” in web technology (scalability, dependency management & service management) Stateless communication is ideal for single page applications as view generation logic is completely separate from application data logic…. Read More ›